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Base to fit Transit Vans
Complete base with Bock Compressor
Base complete with Bock Compressor

Direct Drive Complete Transit 120

Bare Base - Dark Blue Powder Coated
Shaft - Top
Shaft - Fan
Shaft - Bottom
Clutch Shaft
Tube Shaft

Bearing 1 1/8 Hump Type Pillow Block - UCP20
Bearing 1 1/4 Hump Type Pillow Block - UCP20
Bearing 1 1/8 Taper Lock with Collar
Bearing 1 1/8 Taper Lock with Collar

New Base for Transit 300’s
Complete Base with Elec and Bock Compressor
Complete Base (without Elec)

Direct Drive Complete Transite 300’s

Pulley 2 Grove - 130mm
Pulley 3 Grove - 4’
Pulley 2 Grove - 100mm + Taper
Pulley 2 Grove - 8’ Alum
Belt Adjuster 4’
Rubber Coupling

Fan Condenser 12’
Flange - Drive
Angle Bracket
Adjuster - Stud
Bracket - Clutch
Bracket - Engine
Strap - Set
Bearing 1 1/8 Eye Type Pillow Block

Double Pulley - Power steering Alum
Double Power Steering (T300)

Old Transit Steel Pulley

Single Pulley

Fan Spacer

Beater Blade - Van 1 - 211 Singola (English)

Beater for Super Uno (English)
Beater Seal - Large - 211
Beater Seal - Small
Beater Seal - Super Uno (Carpi)
Bock Compressor - FKX2 11593
York Compressor - ER210R
2 York Compressor Valves
Condenser Coil - Bock NCF 164
Clutch MA6A 12v 2AA
Coil Cluth 6” 12v
Body - Clutch MA6
Mount Plate - Clutch - Bock
Sight Glass - 3/8 Flare - SGI 10
Drier - 3/8 Flare 65cm3 CD053
Thermostat - 30ºC / 7*F
Door Extractor Fan 12v
Roof Extractor Fan - 3 Speed 12v

Customers own recon Bell Pump
Customers own recon R-Type Pump

Bell Pump New
R-Type Pump New

S/Hand recon Bell Pump with Gears
S/Hand recon R-Type Pump with Gears
C/Own Bell Pump Conversion to R Type Pump
Pump Shaft Pulley 2’
Pump Shaft Pulley 2 1/4”
R Type Pump Connector Tube

R Type Pump - Long Regulator S/Steel
R Type Pump - Short Regulator S/Steel
R Type Pump - Long Regulator White Plastic
R Type Pump - Short Regulator White Plastic

R-Type Spring
Short Connector Pipe - R-Type Pump
Pump Shaft
Pump Bushes 2
Pump Seal
Maria Pump Shaft
Maria Shaft 2 Bushes
Maria Pump Seal
Pump Knobs - Small
Coldelite Pump Shaft
Duckbill Value
R Type Pump Valve
Clock Face Pump Shaft Set
Micro Switch B.3BR
“O” Ring Kit S/Uno
“O” Ring Kit Van 1
Gears - Brass English
Gears - Plastic English
Gears - Carpigiani
Gears - Plastic Carpigiani
Petrol Gel
Petrol Gel - Box of 12
Mag Valve Base - 3/8 Flare Normally Open
Mag Valve Coil 12v
Back Fridge Condensing Unit 3/4 - R404a Aspera/Cubigel
Receiver Tank
Expansion Value - Ty2 - R502

Dispenser Piston (Super Uno)
Dispenser Body (Super Uno)
Dispenser Pin (Super Uno)
Dispenser Handle (Super Uno)
Dispenser Control Pin (Super Uno)
Complete Dispening Head (Super Uno)

Dispenser Piston
Dispenser Body
Dispenser Pin
Dispenser Handle
Dispenser Control Pin
Complete Dispening Head

Orifice No 01 - TE2 Expansion Value
Orifice No 02 - TE2 Expansion Value
Orifice No 03 - TE2 Expansion Value
Beater Shaft Bearings 2 Carpigiani
Pump Drive Bush
Pump Idle Bush
Beater Shaft Nylon Spacer
Carpigiani Beater Shaft Drive
Van 1 - S/Uno
Maria Beater Shaft Drive
Pulley 110mm 2AA
Pulley 125mm 2AA
Taper Lock Bush 1 1/4’ - 2012
Scraper Blade - Carpigiani
Beater Blade Crommet
Bottle Brush Set - PK3
Cone Type 1
Cone Type 2
Syrup Bottles


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